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HALAGEL – Minyak Kelapa Dara


Halagel (M) Sdn Bhd is the sole importer, manufacturer and distributor for Halal food & pharmaceutical grade gelatine, Halal empty hard gelatine capsules and Halal gelatine softgels for Malaysia & South East Asia markets.

Halagel® Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil contains high and various nutrition and made from 100% pure organic coconut and free cholesterol. Nowadays, Virgin Coconut Oil is very popular as medium for healthy body, and medicinal treatment for various health problem.

Virgin Coconut Oil is rich of lauric acid, which is “medium chain fatty acid” as an additional function. It’s very important to help monolaurin (anti viral, anti bacteria and anti protozal) inside the human body.

Virgin Coconut oil can only be achieved by using fresh coconut meat or what is called non-copra. There are no chemicals and high heating used in further refining, since the natural, pure coconut oil is very stable with a shelf life of several years.

Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil
* To help reduce risk of cancer.
* To help prevent bacteria, viral, fungal & parasite infections
* To help control diabetes
* To help supply important nutrients to body
* Keep skin soft & smooth
* To help prevent osteoporosis
* To help promote loss of excess weight by increasing metabolism
* Natural anti oxidant

Each Halagel® Softgel contains 500 mg of Virgin Coconut oil. The outer shell of each Halagel® softgel is made from HALAGEL® gelatin, certified Halal by JAKIM.

*** sesiapa yg belum dapat kan ini, cepattt !! dapatkan di mana-mana kedai yang menjual product Halagel ini... Selain daripada membantu kecantikan dalaman dan luaran, ia juga adalah HALAL~


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