Friday, March 18, 2011

Kerja menDELETE

I spend my time to removed all SPAM and clear my Inbox at yahoo.mail..
Puas hati aku... lama kot bersawang x chec email.
Amik ko 4709 new email... huhu...
What important thing ntah... semua nyee "facebook notification"... agak mmbosankan terpaksa menCLEAR kan semua tuh.

Tetibe agk terkejut mndapt 1 email dr Mr.Andrew, offered me LIBRARIAN POSITION. I ask him is it temporary or permanent? WHAT?? permanent? he really need 1 more librarian. Aduhaiii... camne?? then, he ask me to dtg interview on 4th april? aduhaiii... sekali lagi. DamNnn !!

Jangkaan due 3 april.. so, wht should i do ye? HmMM, now tgh fikir ayat, fikir reason, camne aku nak bgtahu my situation + condition pd mr.andrew...leh ke minta die hold kan dlu, KIV me ke... hmMm. Camne ea?? bingung lak...

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