Saturday, May 22, 2010


22May 2010 @McD

Tonight i worked at Kitchen Station.. DamN !! I don't know why he didn't talk to me and i know he angry with me... So what !! He is one of Crew Leader in McD. I don't care who is he.

Wan my manager ask me to make Ayam Spicy half basket. After done, i finished my worked in organized all the tray and also clean up that station. Suddenly he "my crew leader" ask me to changed the towel from the bucket... what the the same time i not yet prayer (Maghrib)... ArgGghhh... actually i hate him damn Much !! why he suddenly like this? What's going on? Before this, he is not like this...

He is too much and i lost my temper... he words soooo &%&#!@(... u know wht, he also call me or others "Lahanat" Wht meaning of tht words? SuckS !

And the most tht i feel annoyed with him; he didn't respect people.. Not only to me, but also to others... his words hurting us... DamN !!

HAhHAha... at last he know who am i... don't ever make me lost temper... don't u ever judge me by wht i am looks like.. don't u dare to talking with me...


madmal on May 22, 2010 at 5:26 PM said...

yaya.. working as a team sometimes testing our limit.. sometimes u need to talk to him in order to make things rite.

up to you..

just do take care aite..

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