Thursday, January 7, 2010

Release Process

This is the final process in Indexing and Bibliography Division in UTHM Library...
3 weeks practical training at this Division. 1 week leff... uwaAaa... will finish our practical training :-(

Juz want to share the Release Process

1) Check the material first (condition, call no...etc)
2) Check the status [Final Processing], ISBN and Accession No. in WebOPAC
3) Using ILMU - Release for Circulation
* make sure the accession no, title and call no. are correct and available
4) Double Scan the Accession No.
5) It will display "Successfully Released"
6) Check status at WebOPAC
* Final processing be changed to Available
7) Check the location of the material

Some pictures during do a Release Process:

... I really love and enjoy working in library field...Don't know why, but it something interesting and i've learn more about the Library management in my practical training in UTHM Library. Full of credit to all professional and non-professional staff in UTHM Library...

... I hope i will be a librarian / cataloguer oneday, InsyaALLAH. Wish me... pray for Me... thank you...

~~...All my dream will come true...~~


simfonikehidupan on January 8, 2010 at 6:57 PM said...

hai dah macam wat report praktikal lak aku tengok gaya penulisan ko nih yaya. aku rasa kan baik ko soh en burn baca dalam blog ko je pe yg ko wat ok x cadangan aku nih hehehe..

Yaya Johorean on January 8, 2010 at 9:49 PM said...

HAhaa... dah ok sgt laa tu hatta... tue la, aku bosan x de kje tu yg wt log book kt blog ni... hahahahhaha.... bengong kan!! Ko skrg kt dept mne jee?

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