Friday, October 9, 2009


I MISS HIM..... abg de.... kak ngah rindu.................

It was Sunday, 16th of January 2000, when my brother left us for forever. At that moment, I was 14 years old, while he was eight years old. The caused of his death was drowning. This tragedy happened because he fell in the septic-tank in my school. We were there because we want to register my sister in hostel.

I was so upset and felt guilty as I didn’t put my eyes on him. I was busy looked after on my sister, Nurul Aiman as she was only 4 years old. I ignored him; as a result he then played around alone in front of the hostel office.

At 3.00 o’clock, after the registration finished, then my family and I realized my brother was not around us. I looked for him around the school, I got afraid and panic because failed to search him. I told my father regarding this matter and my father then took his responsibility to find by himself.

Exactly at 3.30 pm, my father ran to the car where we were waiting them and told us that my brother has fallen in the septic-tank.My sister and I then rushed the hostel. We were so shocked when we saw the body of my beloved brother with old-newspaper covered his face. My sister screamed and was calmed down by the hostel officers.

My family rushed to the hospital and my father gave us some motivations that my brother was still alive. “Remember to God!!!” my father kept reminding us.

We arrived to hospital, and my brother was sent to Emergency Room. About 15 minutes later, the doctor in-charged told us that my brother has passed away. Only God knew what was truly and deeply in my heart.

My father told us that he brought up my brother’s corpse which was floating inside the septic-tank. The septic-tank was 7 feet height, but the water inside was 4 feet which was enough for the kids to drown. My father looked very calm to hear this bad news; absolutely he was calm for his children and wife.

His face, his jokes, his naughty, his laugh and everything about him are still in my imaginary. I was much closed to him and I do feel that it just yesterday this tragedy happened. Once before, I really hated my school because of it has killed my brother. I was the last person being with him before his death.

Although this tragedy has been 9 years, but until now I still remember him. I love my brother very much forever and ever. May he is blessed by God in the Heaven.


This is the picture of my brother’s cemetery:

This is the septic-tank which was only covered with thin wood. It caused the death of my brother:

This is the story of the tragedy, published in Majalah Nona in January 2003:


Apple Pie on October 9, 2009 at 2:29 PM said...

sorry to hear that yaya.
be strong.

God loves him more.
thats why he's already 'there'.

take care gal.

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